Shoe-Packing Tips when Traveling


Packing shoes is probably one of the most problematic parts of traveling. Shoes are bulky and heavy, they consume too much space in your luggage. Sometimes just when you thought you had it figured out and you’re ready to zip your suitcase, you realize that your shoes are still scattered on the floor. You can’t simply toss them in.

Here are a few shoe-packing ideas that may come useful when you find yourself packing at the last minute for an out-of-town trip.

1. Follow the Rule of Three

Three pairs are all you need when traveling to a new destination. You need variety in your choices, but anything more is too much. When picking your top three, you have to consider several factors like weather, activities, and the clothes you packed. Some people do it the other way around – picking clothing pieces according to their shoe choices.

rule of 3

2. Wear the heaviest pair, if possible.

Extra weight means extra charges, and if you’re worried you’re exceeding the weight limit, a surefire way to remedy that is to wear your heaviest shoes instead of stuffing it in your bag. If you’re bringing boots to a cooler place, wear them during transit. Airports and terminals usually have their ACs on full-blast anyway.

3. Use lightweight drawstring shoe bags.

When traveling, you don’t want to soil your clothes with shoe marks. Make sure that you place your shoes in drawstring bags designed for footwear. If these bags aren’t available, go with Ziplocks or shower caps. Make sure that the soles are out and the heels are at opposite ends to save space. Plus, you wouldn’t want your shoes to be disfigured!

4. Maximize the spaces inside your packed shoes.

You can’t neglect these tiny spaces that are best for storing fragile items, like loose jewelry, in a pouch. You can also put in balled socks or rolled belts inside the toecaps and inside soles.

Packing light is such a pain in the ass, and most of the time, it boils down to the question, “What do I do with my precious shoes?” These are life-saving tips to help you pack wise and light, but still fashionably.


By P.P.



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