5 Ways To Break In Your New Heels

break in new heels

  1. Rough up the undersurface of the toe box.

Going back to the anatomy of the high heel, the toe box is where your toe sits when you slip in your foot. The bottom of the toe box can be slippery. Use a sandpaper to brush it, but if you feel guilty doing this to your new shiny shoes, you can get those non-stick pads to stick underneath.

  1. Wear socks with your heels.

Leather can be painful to your feet, so try to break them in by wearing socks. It will also help your shoes get accustomed to the shape and form of your feet. When choosing socks, go for the cotton ones that are neither too thick nor too thin. Thick socks will stretch your shoes too much while thin socks won’t give you the desired effect. Walk around the house in your shoes with socks on. It wouldn’t hurt if you go out in them as well.

  1. Use a stretcher.

As socks would help stretch the shoes, there is, as a matter of fact, a tool called “stretcher” used for breaking in shoes. This product makes an obvious difference even after just the first night of leaving it.

  1. Put on pads and cushions.

Identify the pain points and remedy it by using pads and cushions. There are pads specifically for the half insoles, sling backs, and whichever part of the shoe. Some also put bands-aids where they feel would be prone to blisters. Instead of using band-aids, there are the so-called moleskin that does the job of protecting your foot from blisters and scratches.

  1. Wear them repeatedly.

It’s inevitable that the heels would be painful the first few times that you wear them, but this shouldn’t stop you. Wear them again and again, and you’d start feeling less pinching from them.


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By P. P.

Ms. Shoe Lover