Shoe Dictionary: The Different Types of Heels

Different Types of Heels

There’s so much to love about heels, but what’s in a heel? A heel by any other name would make us stand just as tall–or would it?

Just as there are different shoes, there are different heels, and they all convey their own styles. Now, learning the different types of heels doesn’t just mean you can shop for shoes like a boss; it’s bringing educational panache to your own sense of fashion.


Stiletto Heel

The long, thin heels on these beauties can be anywhere between 2 to 10 inches in height, and have the amazing ability to make a wearer’s legs look more toned and sculpted while creating the posture of someone definitely in charge.

Kitten Heels

Kitten Heels

These cute heels are 1.5 to 2 inches high, and are commonly seen in sandals. These are for gaining the glamour of heels without adding extra height, letting tall ladies in on the fun of heels without any vertical supplements.

Cone Heels

 Cone Heel

The round heels are notable for their broadness at the sole of a shoe, while getting narrower as they go down. Think of an ice cream cone and you’ll never forget this heel again!

Spool Heels

Spool Heel

Like the Cone Heel, Spool Heels are broad at the soles and get narrower near the middle. Unlike the Cone Heel, Spool Heels thicken again as it touches the ground.

Wedge Heels

Wedge Heels

These heels aren’t a separate piece on their own–they’re part of the entire bottom of a shoe! They run from the front of the shoe to the back, occupying the entire space under the arch and heel portions of the foot.


Source: Makeup and Beauty

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